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15 Fun Activities to do during Quarantine

As quarantine continues, there’s a high chance that some of you are starting to run out of ideas to keep yourselves sane… We hear you. This is why we have brought upon ourselves to create this list of 15 fun activities you can do during this time.

We guess you have heard the saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Well this is exactly what we are going to do. We’re going to take advantage of the spare time to learn new skills, make plans and believe it or not, catch up with friends.

1. Plan your next trip

The wing of a place high above some clouds with blue and pink highlighting

the wing of an airliner gliding high above the clouds

Okay, so you can’t book anything right now, but you can get prepared! Why not use this time to dig deep into the next place you want to visit, discover it’s history, it’s culture, what things you can do, what sites you can see and most importantly, where you can enjoy a drink! If you need some inspiration to get you started then you could check out this guide of Top activities and things to explore in Spain & Portugal!

You can even buy an Adopt a Hostel gift card for someone to use after the lockdown! You can use them with any of our hostels. Plus you’re helping keep us afloat during this crisis! (Thank you for reading our shameless plug)

2. Learn a new language

So now you have a good idea of the place that you want to visit next. Now why not take it one step further and start learning the local language! With countless online classes, podcasts and interactive apps to choose from, what’s stopping you! Learning a new language isn’t only useful whilst you’re traveling, but it can also open up a lot of career opportunities in the future!

3. Stay connected with ’Houseparty’

One of the most important things right now is to keep in contact with your friends and family. Fortunately there are plenty of apps out there that allow you to group video chat with those loved ones whilst still self isolating at home. One of which that’s become very popular recently is Houseparty due to its more simplistic format…(A little easier for the elders!).

4. Gain some new bar skills

A close up image of a classic Mojito cocktail

A classic Mojito cocktail

So you’ve found a way to gather up your buddies again... great! Although something’s missing, right? I know. Drinks! Why then not take the opportunity to learn how to make some delicious mixers. It’s fun, new and you can get wasted in the process!
Need some inspiration? Fancy popping over to Spain? Click this LINK for 5 Easy Spanish Drinks To Make At Home.

5. Take a virtual world tour

You may be restricted to your own home at the moment, but that doesn’t necessarily have to stop you “exploring”! There are soooo many sites out there now that allow you take a virtual tour at some of the most famous landmarks, museums and zoos etc. Just check out any of the links below and you’ll see...

Don’t forget your passport!

6. Read a new book or write your own

Give yourself a break from the current situation for a moment and immerse yourself in a whole new world. Not so much the reader? How about trying an audio version?

7. Binge watch a series

A close up of a young lady sat back eating popcorn as she changes the tv channel with the remote control.

Someone’s clearly enjoying their popcorn!

We’re sure this won’t take much convincing for many of you! Maybe you never finished Stranger Things or Game of Thrones? Now could be a good time to find out what all the fuss is about!

Note on Game of Thrones: did you know that many of its scenes were shot in and around Seville? If you’re as big of a fan as us, then you might want to check out our post on it’s shooting locations... Something that you can add to the itinerary!

8. Camp out for the night

Don’t have a backyard? That’s alright, dare us say build a fort instead? Just try something that will break the routine a little bit and can be fun in the process!

Pro tip if you build indoors: You can rig some external wildlife sounds on a device for added effect!

9. Take part in online exercise classes

This has become a very popular substitute for the usual gym goers and is a great way for anyone wishing to maintain a good amount of exercise whilst stuck indoors. There’s a huge range of free online classes out there to choose from, you’ll easily find a specific one for your goals! You can check out this list

10. Meditate

A top-half shot of a guy wearing a red t-shirt and black cap, breathing in the fresh air of the outdoors.

Someone taking a moment to relax

It has been proven that good practice of meditation, carried out on a regular basis can relieve stress and tension... This might just be the right time to try it for yourself! There are many apps out there to guide you along the path to mindfulness such as Calm & Headspace 

11. Prepare a dish that you’ve never cooked before

Why not step out of your comfort zone and cook something unusual? You might just surprise yourself! Fancy Churros? How about learning out to make some traditional Spanish and Portuguese dishes? Click HERE!

12. Challenge your photography skills

Even if you don’t own an expensive camera, knowing the little tips and tricks to getting the right angles and editing from your phone can go a long way. Check out the many tutorials and ‘how to’ videos online and surprise your followers with the next post!

13. Write a journal

An open travel journal with photos and badges scattered around it ready to be inserted.

A travel journal in progress

Whether it’s travel related or something more personal, it’s never too late to write a journal. You could begin by backtracking to your furthest memories or even just journal your quarantine experience!

14. Complete Bandersnatch

If you don’t know already - Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a unique, Netflix sci-fi movie that allows viewers to decide the fate of the main character. The film has five main possible endings and a trillion twisty story combos! See if you can complete the movie by reaching each ending!

Psst, if you don’t have Netflix then you could always just take advantage of the free one month trial for now...

15. Learn to play a new instrument

As long as your neighbors won’t mind, pick up a guitar or any other object that can make noise and get practicing! Use online tutorials for help. Can’t find anything lying around? Well, have you ever fancied becoming a DJ? If so then we might just have the perfect site for you! YOU.DJ

We look forward to hearing your new talent when you next come to stay with us!

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