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Top rated hostel in Granada, Spain. Oasis backpackers Hostel

Oasis Granada Hostel Reviews

  • 9.7 Location 10 Atmosphere 10 Staff 9 Security 9 Character 10 Fun 10 Cleanliness 10 18/06/2014

    Great place to stay with nice staff, located in the best area too.


  • 9.4 Location 9 Atmosphere 10 Staff 9 Security 10 Character 8 Fun 10 Cleanliness 10 15/06/2014

    the walking tours....probably the best tours of the cities, tour guides were awesome and very knowledgable


  • 9.6 Location 10 Atmosphere 10 Staff 9 Security 10 Character 9 Fun 9 Cleanliness 10 03/06/2014

    the free walking tour by Michael was very informative and interesting. I really liked to get another impact on Granada than the turistic one. Gracias!


  • 9.9 Location 10 Atmosphere 10 Staff 10 Security 10 Character 10 Fun 9 Cleanliness 10 26/05/2014

    Really nice staff, the dinners were great, loved the atmosphere and location. The cave sand street art walking tour was really good. Keep it up!


  • 8.9 Location 9 Atmosphere 9 Staff 10 Security 8 Character 10 Fun 6 Cleanliness 10 12/05/2014

    I thought the staff were really helpful and I appreciated that the website had a video showing someone getting to the hostel from the bus station. Because while the hostel is in a great central location it is a little hard to find. I only gave a 5 on fun, but I wasn’t there to party/meet people but thought the overall environment was still good.


  • 10.0 Location 10 Atmosphere 10 Staff 10 Security 10 Character 10 Fun 10 Cleanliness 10 05 May 2014

    Great staff and atmosphere


  • 9.4 Location 10 Atmosphere 10 Staff 10 Security 9 Character 9 Fun 9 Cleanliness 9 28 April 2014

    Staff were so good to me as I fell ill with a virus and they were so accommodating and helpful


  • 9.1 Location 10 Atmosphere 9 Staff 8 Security 9 Character 10 Fun 10 Cleanliness 8 24 April 2014

    Very nice staff, i joined two tours arranged by oasis, and they were really great!


  • 10.0 Location 10 Atmosphere 10 Staff 10 Security 10 Character 10 Fun 10 Cleanliness 10 11/03/2014

    ¡gracias! i felt quite at home.


  • 9.6 Location 10 Atmosphere 10 Staff 10 Security 10 Character 8 Fun 10 Cleanliness 9 7/03/2014

    great meal nights, great live music from staff and guests!


Instagram post 2319131859304686855_1239848124 We will be soon opening again! 😃 We are implementing new safety measures so everyone can have an amazing time in our hostel! So to celebrate we are giving 20% off if you book 2 or more nights on our website!
Tenemos buenas noticias y pronto volveremos a abrir nuestras puertas!! 😃Estamos implementando nuevas medidas de seguridad para que todo el mundo pueda pasarlo bien en nuestro hostel! Para celebrarlo estamos ofreciendo 20% de descuento en reservas para dos o más noches en nuestra página web!
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Instagram post 2316727114178596872_1239848124 #Repost @sevilla_secreta⠀
¿Sabes dónde se encuentra este simpático caracol?| 📸 @pics__lu⠀
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Instagram post 2315190446441572707_34659974063 Bom dia alegria 🌟 fim de semana com sol e temperaturas boas. Desfrutem do dia na @aldeiadapraia_ com varias novidades na comida e aulas desportivas e si gostam tanto ficam a passar a noite no nosso hostel cá na Aldeia @oasissintrasurf . Podem encontrar uma variedade de quartos duplos, familiares e dormitórios para levar a teu grupo de amigo. Reserva por nosso site o telefono #cleanandsafe #portugal #lisbon #sintra #praiadasmaçãs #weekendvibes #goodtimes #hostel #alojamentolocal #sleeptight #outdoors #nature
____________________💚⭐️💚_____________________________Good morning ⭐️💚, happy times- it’s the weekend. Enjoy the great surroundings of this beautiful natural spot at Praia Grande @aldeiadapraia_ join us for some activity classes (yoga, fitness, martial arts basic training (with no physical contact) or come down for your breakfast or have lunch or dinner with brand-new burgers, beers @hopsanddrops and also wonderful pizza @souldoughpizza. And if you don’t want to leave, why don’t you book a room in our hostel? We have a big selection of rooms, take your friends or family or come alone for some time to relax. We follow the Clean & Safe government strategy for alojamento local and assure you complete cleanliness and disinfection at our room, starting with an outdoor reception and rooms that are entered directly through our garden. 💚Book through our website or phone
Instagram post 2314226033563618067_34659974063 Mais uma novidade na @aldeiadapraia_ burgers deliciosos, feito com muita dedicação, provedores locais e pão super fresco. Podes escolher entre pão de brioche,  bolo de caco o pão artesanal 🍔🧡🍔 amanha estamos novamente a espera de vossos pedidos 👍
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______________________🍔🌟🧡_____________________________And we have one more delicious news for you- our new burger truck is ready serving now delicious high-quality meat burgers, made with lots of dedication, from local shops and fresh and varied burger buns. All burgers come with hand-cut fries and delicious sauces 🍔🍟
#tasty #foodtruck #boaonda #portugal #lisboa #sintra #praiadasmaças #instagood #souportugal
Instagram post 2313241614014873596_34659974063 Ja estamos prontos para vocês 👏👏👏 com muito espaço, o tempo agradável e muita boa onda 🌈 @hopsanddrops @souldoughpizza @il_gelataio2019 @pura_pancake @oasissintrasurf
From today on we are opening our beergarden here back at the Aldeia da Praia. Join us for a beer, pizza or burger and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, plenty of space and some breeze from the sea refreshen you 👏👏🌈 #goodtimes #outdoors #esplanadas #beergarden #nature #naturelovers #enjoylife #postivevibes #instagood #funtimes #family #friends #portugal #lisbon #sintra
Instagram post 2311757346759712033_34659974063 Na hora de café aproveita o espaço que nos temos cá @aldeiadapraia_  desfrutem o dia cheio de sol, bom ar e saudades de  ir ao café ❤️
#coffee #coffeelover #cafe #sunshine #goodtimes #relax #timeforcoffee #ınstagood #instamood #lovelife #travelagain #outdoors #naturelovers #portugal #sintra #sintra_alive #praiadasmaçãs
______________________❤️🌈_______________________________Now it is time again to enjoy the sun, the good air, listen to the sea and sip a coffee in our familiar, happy atmosphere. Time to respectfully and cautious enjoy new freedom and make new memories. Enjoy your coffee with us, lots of sun and a few birds here at the Aldeia ❤️#happytimes #itsgoodforyou #timeflies