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Passeports immunité: réouverture anticipée? (Covid-19)

Promising news!

Within the last couple of weeks, you may have heard that many countries are looking into adopting a new strategy that could possibly get the world turning again whilst still fighting COVID-19. An idea that involves issuing ’Immunity passports’, something that could help with reopening businesses sooner than imagined!

An almost finished toilet roll with the the text ’Don’t panic!’ written on the last sheet.

Don’t panic, normality will return soon!

What is an Immunity passport?

Think of it as a kind of ‘hall pass’ for those that have already been infected and since recovered from COVID-19.

How would it work?

Okay, we’ll try to keep this as short and simple as we can...

The theory is that once someone has already caught and recovered from the virus, they then hold the antibodies that protect them from catching it again in the future and passing it on. If this is true, there’s no reason for these ’immunes’ to be held back any longer from returning to their normal lives.

What about everyone else?

Even those that have not fallen seriously ill recently, nor been diagnosed with COVID-19; will still be able to get tested for the antibodies which could indicate whether they had the virus at some point without symptoms. If that be the case and they are healthy, then they could also be given the pass to circulate freely in public again. Meaning things could slowly get back to normal again! Businesses could reopen and even country borders...

To lego figures. One within a glass container and the other outside reading a book.

Maybe some of us will be able to leave our container sooner than we expected!

-Says Spain PM Pedro Sanchez

Chile is one of the first countries to confirm that it will debut the world’s first immunity passports with the aim of reopening its businesses once again. This decision was made among concerns by many health organisations that say it’s too early to rely on ‘theory’. For now, The World Health Organization has warned against this concept until more positive evidence is found.

But don’t lose hope yet!

Right now the German public health body ‘The Robert Koch Institute’ is leading a mass study into how many people are already immune to COVID-19. If they can find enough proof, it could give many more countries the confidence to follow suit as Chile.


Of course, the ideal situation would be that a vaccine is found today and made available so that everybody can return to normality. Although for now, maybe this could give many businesses the slack that they need to reopen before they completely collapse. However the W.H.O. warns against this measure for the time being.

Right now we all need to stay positive and that’s exactly what we are doing at Oasis! We are not giving up on the hope that we will be checking you into our hostels again soon!

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Stay safe guys, and stay informed!


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