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How to travel safely during the Coronavirus

By this time, 2020’s least favourite supervillain has outlived our expectations beyond our wildest imaginations. We are arriving at 8 months of lockdown, quarantining and a cancelled summer. For most people we have had to find ways of best going back to our lives safely and effectively, working from home, zoom meeting and a shit tonne of Netflix.

Finally in Europe we have reached a point where we can travel again. That being said, thing have changed, and it’s all of our responsibilities to look out for the safety of ourselves and each other. However with guidance, protocols and rules differing from place to place, it can be hard to know where we stand. Here’s what we have to help you when travelling.

Check the local Government guidelines


This is maybe one of the most crucial things to before travelling to a certain location. Especially if your trip is to do something. (You don’t want to visit Paris to go up the Eiffel Tower only to find it closed once you’re there sad croissant in hand)

A tip is to simply type into google: Coronavirus guidelines *your location* *current month*


Talk to locals

While not the most credible source of information, the people living in your chosen destination undoubtedly know more than you do, and while the government guidelines/rules are crucial to travelling safely, locals can provide an important insight into current social norms,

For example : ’don’t visit the supermarket from 9-10 because that time slot is allocated to health care workers in the UK’ or ’don’t smoke outside the small bars in Spain’

People will always be an important source of local information, now more than ever.

While this is by no means the most accurate way to chose your next holiday location, it might help influence your decision.

Coronavirus app details visually a heat map of the heavily infected areas across the globe, helping put a reference to the numbers constantly being reported on.

Check it out here

There are countless sites and helpful pages for you to use, just make sure you check your sources, ask a friend, do some research. Don’t just trust Janet’s posts on Facebook

Personal Hygiene

This one should maybe be the top of your list. There are very simple steps you can take to avoid nearly completely any chance of contracting the virus:

  1. Wash your hands - Carry a bottle of alcohol based antibacterial gel and use every time you have had to touch something.
  2. Wear a mask - Simply put, the science is there. Wear a mask, when you can’t avoid being around people, in shops, on public transport. Or all the time, if you fancy it.
  3. Don’t touch stuff - Another simple one, try your best to avoid touching banisters, doors, anything you can avoid touching is good practice.

The World Health Organisation has LOAADSS more tips and instructions on how to best stay safe that you should definitely take a look at before you take your trip




When staying in our hostels our staff will explain to you our measures as best we can, but make sure to ask any questions you might have. Also make sure to check our Travel Updates to keep up to date with our goings on during this time as well as a written explanation of our safety measures.

It is definitely possible to travel safely, all it takes is to get informed and be smart!

Stay safe and happy Travels!

Oasis Backpackers Staff

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